Did Sister Margaret Woodruff murder Jack Cummings?

By Tonia Gloudemans, Deputy Principal – Operations and Strategy

Year 11 Legal Studies students from The 鶹, with the assistance of students from St. Margaret Mary’s College, will convene a Moot Court trial in The 鶹’s Lecture Theatre to determine if the accused, Sister Margaret Woodruff, is innocent or guilty of the murder of Jack Cummings.

A Moot Court provides a valuable opportunity for students to develop their legal analytical skills and allows students to practise law in a ‘real’ environment. Students and staff across the school will be invited to watch the proceedings, just as the general public can do in a real courtroom, and learn more about the practice of law and the criminal justice system.

The case involves the accused, Sister Margaret Woodruff, being tried for the unlawful killing of Jack Cummings, a member of the Comancheros bikie gang, outside the Sealink Terminal car park in November 2023.

Mr Greg Cudmore, retired teacher, author, and former Director of Activities at Ormiston College, will preside over the court proceedings. Students from St. Margaret Mary’s College will comprise the jury and will decide the verdict based on the evidence presented to them in the Moot Court. Year 11 Legal Studies students from The 鶹 will comprise the Prosecution and the Defence teams, as well as the witnesses, who will be called upon to give evidence as to the facts of the case.

As a result of this combination of variables, a Moot Court is more than a display of verbal skills. It is an intellectual exercise that requires research, advocacy, and teamwork. The contest is governed by the rules of evidence and procedure, where witnesses are the ammunition. The role of each legal team is to convince and persuade an unbiased jury that a combination of legal principles and facts gives rise to a conclusion that favours their client or the Crown.

Will the jury decide that the death of Cummings was a tragic accident that would never have happened if the Comancheros had not misbehaved, or that Sister Margaret took it upon herself to get revenge and make a stand against lawlessness on the streets?

All will be revealed on Wednesday 19 June when the court is in session. Stay tuned…

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