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We welcome you to The 鶹 boarding community and look forward to establishing a long association and friendship with your family during your child’s education at 鶹.

At The 鶹, we pride ourselves on the various levels of specifically designed structures we have in place to offer top-class academic, boarding and social support for your sons and daughters.

Boarding is a unique opportunity to live within and contribute to a strong community and provides, within a Christian environment, an opportunity for the development of character, self-discipline, leadership and initiative, whilst nurturing lifelong friendships.

We, the staff of the school, recognise that boarding is seldom, if ever, the same as living at home, but those children who come prepared to grasp the many and varied opportunities that boarding life offers, thoroughly enjoy the experience and often make friends for life. 


Boarders live in modern, air-conditioned dormitories, complete with their own study desk, lockable storage and national broadband internet access. Year 11 and 12 students have private rooms whilst younger boarders share with 1 to 4 other students, but individual areas allow for privacy and individuality.

The 鶹 is committed to providing the highest standards in boarding accommodation, with 8 million dollars being spent on extensions and refurbishments to both the boys’ dormitory (Akins) and the girls’ dormitory (Sister Frances) in recent years.

The catering staff at The 鶹 provide boarding students with nutritious and satisfying home-cooked meals, three times a day. Morning and afternoon tea are also provided on school days, and fresh fruit is always available. 

Laundry is done on the school premises. Uniforms, casual clothes and towels can be taken to the Laundry daily (Monday to Friday); bed linen is washed on a designated day, once a week.

Boarding 360° Tour

Sports and Activities

Boarding life at The 鶹 is never dull. Students participate in a variety of social activities, organised by the Activities Coordinator.

Students are encouraged to participate in local sporting teams and cultural clubs. Many current students participate in a variety of sports and clubs including Rugby Union, Rugby League, Australian Rules Football, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Soccer, Archery, Ice Hockey, Athletics, Tennis, Table Tennis and Defence Force Cadets. Students are taught how to manage club commitments with their academic studies.

ICPA Queensland

ICPA Queensland is a voluntary and apolitical not-for-profit organisation with 45 branches across the state and over 1200 member families.  ICPA members encompass a broad range - those who are regional, rural, and remote, those with children pre-schooling, attending state schools, boarding schools, or Schools of Distance Education, as well as those in the tertiary phase of their education. ICPA membership also includes a variety of individuals and businesses who continue to offer their support to the organisation from the South-East corner and beyond. 

The 鶹 is proud to support ICPA QLD. For more information visit the .

Financial Assistance

To find out more about Financial Assistance options, please visit the . ճ factsheet provides a summary of State and Federal allowances that are available to families in rural and remote areas of Queensland, as well as how to apply.

Future Boarders Outreach Program

The 鶹’s Future Boarders Outreach Program is offered to small schools throughout rural and remote Queensland. Our focus is on engaging students from rural and remote locations as well as those from Indigenous backgrounds.


Boarding Life

Cathedral boarders venture beyond our school gates, try new things, meet different people, see different environments, develop independence, and learn and grow from life’s experiences. So whether it be participating in a club sport or playing for a representative team, attending a Cowboys game, joining the cadets or holding down a part-time job; our borders are supported to pursue their interests.

your copy of ‘Boarding Life’ to discover how your child can live life to the full.

2024 Boarding Experience

The Boarding Experience provides a great insight into boarding life and a chance to meet our wonderful staff and friendly boarders. The Boarding Experience 2024 is scheduled to coincide with our School Open Day and students have the option to stay overnight and depart the following day.

Bookings for the Boarding Experience are essential.