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Teachers at Cathedral are generous with their time and often work with students outside of regular class times when extra help is needed. In addition to this, the school provides free tuition services on a daily basis.

For Middle and Senior School students, before, during, and after-school tutoring operates every week from the start of Week 2 until the end of the academic school year. Sessions are run by Heads of Department, specialist teachers, and volunteer Year 12 students.

Students are encouraged to use the tutoring opportunity in a way that best suits their learning needs. Some senior students timetable sessions into their study planners while other students drop in for help on a needs basis. Other students choose to attend several sessions with a particular subject specialist to clarify and refine their understanding of a particular skill or part of the curriculum. Some students choose to use this time to complete their homework in a focused working space.

Junior School Tutoring and Support
Junior School

The Junior School Homework Club is available for Year 3 to Year 6 students each Monday from 3:15pm to 4:00pm. This is offered as an extracurricular activity.

The Junior School’s ‘Learning Enrichment Program’ identifies and supports the educational needs of students by providing equity of access for all students to achieve and build curriculum knowledge and understanding.

Guardian teachers cater to the diverse needs of the learner in their learning spaces. This personalised learning and support is part of the approach of the Junior School’s usual activity to deliver the best possible learning outcomes for all students, including those with a disability as well as those students who, because of particular gifts or talents, need curriculum adjustments that are well above their year level expectations.

More information regarding the program can be found in the .

Lunchtime Tutoring
Middle School, Senior School, Boarding

Students seeking assistance with their school work can take it to the lunchtime tutoring room where a specialist teacher, head of department, or volunteer Year 12 student will work with them to address any problems they are encountering. Year 12 students can be part the ‘Star Reward Scheme’ for their volunteering.

The lunchtime tutoring room is also available for students who wish to do their independent study or read in a quiet and supportive environment. Students may also do schoolwork on the computers which are located in the tutor room.

The is available via eCat.

Before and After School Tutoring
Middle School, Senior School, Boarding

Subject-specific tutoring sessions are held in mornings and afternoons on, generally staffed by a Head of Department or senior teacher in the particular subject area. Subjects and schedules are available on the tutoring timetable for middle and senior school students.

This is especially useful for students who require specific help with that subject, or are preparing for major assessment items and wish to review course content and skills.

Boarders also have supervised prep sessions each evening from Sunday to Thursday. 

The is available via eCat.