By Maddi McLean & Miles Lyster (Year 10).

Photos: JCU Townsville

32 students from both Year 9 and 10 participated in the Science & Engineering Challenge on Wednesday in the first week of school, term two.

The students were split into groups of four to take on a series of challenges throughout the day.  These included building earthquake-resistant towers, building planes, powering a city and more.  However, the climax of the day is undoubtedly the results of the bridge-building competition. While most groups take on two different challenges, one group from each school spends their day building a bridge to carry a weighted cart across it.

After watching with bated breath, our bridge group which consisted of Year 10 students Maddi, Sam, Alyssa, and Chelsea tied for first, securing our landslide win at the competition, and beating the next school by 200 points. Due to the nationals being held in Townsville, our school has been able to skip the states and advance straight to the national finals in October.  Hopefully we manage to place highly there, too.

Photos: JCU Townsville

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